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Cultural heritage - historical - architecture - religious - Gastronomy - Wine and Olive Oil .

Duration – 1 week 

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Ferreira do Alentejo

Travel: Grândola »Ferreira do Alentejo: 56 kms

Travel time (expected): 60 m. 

The City

Situated on a small hill, surrounded by extensive plains, the Alentejo Ferreira village is at the southern end of the municipality and its boundary with the Aljustrel and Beja.

Here there was a castle, apparently founded by D. Gualdim Pais, the Knights Templar. Avila, who received a charter of King Manuel I in 1516, belonged to the Dukes of Aveiro and then the crown.

The built heritage of Ferreira do Alentejo, there is the parish church. 16th century, has suffered since its construction several restoration works. Inside, you can see a painted vault in the baptistery and the altar of Our Lady of Light, a board also 16th century.

 With about six thousand people, this parish is typically urban, because its main activities trade and services. Agriculture, here, does not play the same role as in the rest of the county.

Capela do Calvário (Calvary Chapel)

From any and all chapels or village churches, evidence is a sui generis the Chapel of Calvary. From bold architecture, evoking the martyrdom of Christ, this small chapel, single copy in our country is a cultural heritage building and became the city symbol.

capela calvario ferreira.jpg


Igreja Matriz (Matrix Church)

Despite the extensive renovations that suffered over the years, the Church of Nossa Senhora Da or Assumption, already mentioned in the 14th century documents, has in its main front door topped by an interesting symbol of Santiago Order of Knights Sword, patrons of this village from the thirteenth century. It is also here, at the altar he is buried, D. João de Sousa, one of the main and most important commanders of Ferreira village.

igreja matriz ferreira.JPG


Igreja Nossa Senhora da Conceiçao (Church of Our Lady of Conception)

Discreet facade, blue bars, the Church of Nossa da Conceição, formerly Chapel of St. Peter, is the dwelling-house of the small and mysterious image of Our Lady of the Conception that is believed to have accompanied Christopher equerry, noble land, one of the largest in this accompanied Vasco da Gama to India.

Your cruise bow is coated by a panel of single tiles in the Iberian Peninsula, datable 17th century.


Igreja da Mesericórdia (Church of Mercy)

Referring to the Manueline style and the stonework where glimpse pinecones, anthropomorphic figures and stranded, is the porch that beautifies the Church of Mercy that originally belonged to the old church of the Holy Spirit, demolished in 1911. This last, collected also a beautiful polyptych painting, dating from the sixteenth century, also stored in the Misericordia church. This copy can be admired today at the Municipal Museum of Ferreira.

Throughout the village one can see solar and architecture of houses peculiar testimony of a vast architectural heritage of old, despite the advent of the Republic on 5 October 1910 much to be depleted.

Inhabited by distinguished transtaganas families, the current village still retains distinct building parts as will be the Solar of the Friars in the street Miguel Bombarda, the Green House, next to Plaza Comendador Infante Passanha, Home Borges or the Solar the Three Brothers just outside the village. For the most part, are property of the nineteenth century, boasting plaster moldings of facades, windows with wrought iron, with interiors exquisitely decorated by stucco relevados and paintings signed by John Eloy Amaral.

Some of these solar have been transformed and are now rental accommodation units, the Solar dos Friars, and rural tourism, the case of Casa Verde.


Ferreira do Alentejo

In Ferreira do Alentejo practices the good and typical Alentejo kitchen where sausage, garlic bread soup, the Sado eel stew, pork to the Alentejo, the bread soup of purslane, the açorda carrasquinhas, the famous migas and the gazpacho drizzled with fine wine from Herdade do Pinheiro leave no one indifferent. The crown the meal we suggest the ferreirenses (almond cakes and squash).




Typical dishes

Garlic bread soup

Pork the Alentejo



Tomato bread soup

Tion of soup,

White beans with carrasquinhas





Alenlagar - Sociedade Exploradora do Lagar de Ferreira do Alentejo Lda (Alenlagar - Society Explorer of Ferreira do Alentejo Mill Ltd.)

Agro Industrial Park, Mount penny


Olive oil producers



Taifas - Indústria e Comércio de Azeites SA (Taifa - Industry and Trade of Oils SA)

Quinta São Vicente Ferreira do Alentejo

7900-193 Ferreira do Alentejo

Olive oil producers

Oil Quinta de São Vicente, Heirs Passanha.

The essential basis of a simple and sophisticated cuisine.

Fine cuisine and a thousand flavors, dedicated exclusively to pleasure.

A single oil with gold reflections and straw, green fruit aromas and intense flavor, between pepper and hazelnut.

The oil Quinta de São Vicente presents with a natural straw yellow color, a translucent appearance, a capricious fluidity and extraordinarily delicate. Subtle aromas of fresh fruit to escape quickly to make room for more intense and wooded notes. It's the taste that the exceptional and unique combination of Arbequina and Cobrançosa reveals its perfection. Essence of nature and source of life, the oil Quinta de São Vicente is the ancient land of the Alentejo plain, worked by our family over 3 centuries. Herb unexpected flavors, apple and tomato, with a subtle spicy pepper and a delicious touch of hazelnut. Voluptuous and sublime notes that will infuse your palate a sweet euphoria. In terms of gastronomy, olive oil is the most Mediterranean dishes. Now sweet, sometimes robust, revealing the unique aromas of the origin of the olives region, olive oil accompanies perfectly the cold, without fear high temperatures.



Herdade do Pinheiro (Estate Pinheiro)

Ferreira do Alentejo

7900-441 Peroguarda

Wine Producers, Oil, Preserves. Alentejo olive oil. Regional Wine.

The Pine Farm is a family business in which two brothers, Ana beak and Miguel Ferreira Silvestre were ahead of their destiny after his grandfather's death, Antonio Francisco Silvestre Ferreira, an agricultural entrepreneur who arrived in Alentejo, in the late 50 and brought with him a passion for vine growing and wine.

The estate of the dam can also be visited advantage to see all the existing flora and fauna in particular Bitterns (rare species in the country), Cartaxos, Storks Flamingos, Grebes, torticollis, Royal Ducks among others.

hewrdade pinheiro.jpg

to be continued...

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